Iris Bikel made her first veil in 1995. Like many brides, she searched for the perfect veil to match her dress and her wedding scheme. After much time spent and her wedding date just two weeks away, Iris decided to put her creative background to work. Combining traditional shimmery tulle fabric with gorgeous silk flowers and a cascade of Swarovski crystals, she created her own perfect veil. “After so much heartache and really, almost panic, I was thrilled with the result and realized that I had just created something truly special,“ Iris recalls. “Very few brides get to create a veil and jewelry set that not only compliments their dress and their bridesmaids’ dresses, but the look and feel of the wedding as well.” Believing that each and every bride deserves her own special day, Iris launched Custom Veils by Iris. Taking her cue from her clients’ dresses, bridal party attire, color palette, flowers, and even the setting of the event itself, Iris uses the finest silk flowers, unique stones, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and trimmings to create veils and jewelry sets that transform a bride’s dress into a beautiful ensemble. Each veil and coordinating jewelry is handmade and embodies the spirit and joy of your wedding. Whether it’s a simple, ornate, funky or elegant wedding, Iris tailors each veil and matching jewelry set to a look that is uniquely you.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! Nothing at this point, is more special. So, why not create something truly unique and beautiful to accent your wedding? You choose the dress, you pick your colors, you meet the florist, you pick out your bridesmaids’ dresses, and I’ll make a veil and matching jewelry set that compliments your entire wedding. Your custom veil and jewelry will be tailored to your taste and color scheme. Your job is to email or send me a swatch of your bridesmaids’ dresses and/or your flower choices, or simply tell me what your colors are, decide what type of veil you’d like and whether you desire matching jewelry as well. The exact flower or bead arrangement is my job. Whether you’ve planned a wedding that is elegant, wild, casual, or something in between, I will create a veil and matching jewelry set that is unique to you and one that accentuates the look and feel of the wedding itself!

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Shoulder (18”)  Past Shoulder (22”)
  This veil extends to just below the shoulder. It is whimsical and easy. It’s great for a simple gown, cocktail dress style or even a pant suit.
Elbow: (30”)   Past Elbow (34”) (#16,17,18)
This is the most popular length as it fits just about any wedding gown. It’s chic but not overly dressy.
Fingertip or Hip (42”)(#19)
As is expected by the name, this veil reaches to your fingertips when your hands are down by your side. This is perfect for a more formal wedding. It’s perfectly elegant and glamorous without feeling ostentatious. A bride feels like she is flowing with beauty.
Waltz or Knee (65”)(#15)
Knee length goes to the knee and Waltz has the feel of a floor length veil but reaches between the knee and floor. The benefit to these styles is that they have the feel of a long veil but are short enough to make dancing easy, if you decide to keep your veil on after the ceremony. They make a point of saying, “Yes, I have a great veil!”
Chapel (75”) or Cathedral (108”)(#21)
Very elegant – perfect for someone who wishes to make a dramatic statement. It is dressy and truly romantic. But, keep in mind that you need a bridesmaid to help you lay out the veil before you walk down the isle and you will probably want to remove the veil once you’re done with the ceremony, as it is difficult to dance in a long veil.
None (#23)
Plain and thin (#18)
Woven, narrow (#15)
Woven, wide (#20)
Flower (#17, 24)
Clover (#22)
Number of Layers: 1     2     3     More? Name your number:
All layers approximately the same length? Yes No
2 Tier: Yes No
How many layers in tier 1:
How many in tier 2:
If you are using the first layer as a blusher to cover your face, would you like Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones on the back side so that you see sparkles below your face, rather than the back of the rhinestones when your face is covered:
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones on the back side of the veil?  Yes No
Tulle Color:
Plain white   Off white   Tan   Other
Tulle Shimmer: No shimmer Shimmery   
Veil Design
Would you like a silk flower veil headpiece?   Yes No
Beading for Veil and for Jewelry:

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Note, seed beads will be
placed throughout to bring
the entire piece together
Pearls and/or Crystals for veil:
Pearl Number(s):  Crystal Name(s):
Beaded or flower veils style as shown on About the Veil page Yes No
If yes, please indicate the style number shown next to the headpiece that you would like. Please note that each veil is unique and that these pictures are approximately what your veil will look like, although possibly not exactly since each veil is custom made.
Can’t decide?
Would you like me to help you figure it out?: Yes No
Choose either flowers or beads/crystals/pearls and I'll send you a few options via email.

Send me your color scheme, via email, fax or mail, of the picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses, and your dress and I will put a few options together for you. Or, choose either flowers or beads/crystals/pearls and create s few designs for you to choose from.
Jewelry styles (See Matching Jewelry page):
10  None
Bring your entire wedding together by creating a veil and jewelry set that
closely matches the colors, style and theme of your wedding!
Make your wedding day memorable and glorious!

We can closely match the colors of your wedding! Bring your entire
outfit together with a delicate veil that accents your wedding.